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If you or your little ones are fans of magnetic dolls and paper dolls, you will love all the online stores and shopping options for new and vintage magnetic dolls, magnetic dress up dolls, magnetic playsets, and new and vintage paper dolls.

Magnetic dolls, magnetic dress up dolls, and magnetic playsets are loved by kids of all ages and are wonderful for travel or play anywhere.

If you are a fan or collector of vintage paper dolls, you will find that ebay is an excellent source for new paper dolls, vintage paper dolls, and vintage reproduction paper dolls.

You can search for your favorite magnetic dolls and paper dolls in the categories listed on the right-hand sidebar of any page. Please be patient while the items in a category load, as it is a live feed and the items may take a brief time to download.

Be sure to visit our Magnetic Dolls, Playsets & Paper Dolls STORES page for all the recommended stores that carry magnetic dolls, magnetic dress up dolls, and magnetic playsets, as well as new, vintage, and reproduction paper dolls. We make it EASY for you to shop for all magnetic playsets and paper dolls- and ALL IN ONE EASY-TO-SHOP PLACE!

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Melissa and Doug Magnetic Dolls

Melissa & Doug Fashion Dolls

Melissa & Doug Fashion Dolls

Your precious little one will always have friends with Melissa and Doug magnetic dolls. Alone or with other friends, playing with these dolls will always be fun and creative.

There is so much to choose from. Nurture the next budding Vera Wang or Versace with the Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Fashion Dolls (left). Perfect for kids 4 years old and above, this kit includes two double-sided wooden fashion dolls. It comes with stands to hold each doll up, glitter and craft glue, sparkling jewels, and colored pencils to adorn and dress these dolls up with their latest fashion collection.

Melissa & Doug Maggie Leigh

Children 3 years old and up will love playing dress up with Maggie Leigh (right). She is a magnetic wooden dress-up doll who comes with her own wardrobe. The Maggie Leigh Magnetic Dress-Up Set comes with a magnetic wooden doll with stand and an array of colorful and attractive magnetic outfits and accessories that will always fit Maggie Leigh perfectly.

Your little princess will love hanging out with her best friends Ava, Sarah, Hannah, and Mia – the four wooden dolls that come with the Best Friends Forever Magnetic Dress-Up Play Set (below left). Each of the four girls have their own stands and are ready to get dressed to the nines for any occasion with their wardrobe of tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, and a lot more.

Melissa & Doug Best Friends Forever

If a family of dolls is what is desired, there is the Victorian Doll Family Set (below). This set comes with Father, Mother, big sister, and baby girl. These vinyl dolls come with bendable limbs for easy positioning and are perfect for a 1:12 scale dollhouses. There is the delightful Victorian Doll Family Caucasian, the charming Victorian Doll Family Asian, and the amiable Victorian Doll Family Black. A family affair has never been this fun.

Time will pass quickly when your kids are playing with Melissa and Doug magnetic dolls.


Melissa & Doug Victorian Doll Family

Left to right: Victorian Doll Family Asian, Victorian Doll Family Caucasian, and Victorian Doll Family Black

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Paper Dolls Retain Timeless Appeal

Diamonds may be a woman’s best friend, but a little girl’s best friend is definitely her doll. While dolls are usually associated with girls, paper dolls are made and collected by young and old alike irrespective of their gender.

Reproduction French Paper Doll

Reproduction French Paper Doll

France is the place where paper dolls first appeared. Their origin can be traced to the reign of Louis XV when paper dolls were very popular among the French royals. Paper dolls emerged in England at about the same time, and they were used to convey moral stories in an attractive manner. In America paper was initially very expensive, so paper dolls were a luxury item that children took very good care of. Once paper became cheaper and more readily available, paper dolls were created on cardboard on a mass scale.

Paper dolls were hand-painted and wore different types of clothes. Some were smartly dressed like European film stars, while others came only with underwear on! As early paper doll clothes came without tabs, people used sealing wax to stick clothes on to them. Patterned cloth, lace, and tissue paper were used to create clothes for paper dolls. Lots of girls and women earned a living by selling paper dolls.

Winter Carnival Reproduction Paper Dolls

Winter Carnival Reproduction Paper Dolls

Men, women, kids, and animals are commonly employed in advertisement campaigns, but imagine dolls being used to advertise various products! Paper dolls were used to advertise new types of clothes and designs in various popular women’s magazines, and their appeal was so great that they began to find place in newspaper supplements too.

Paper dolls depicted clowns, animals, ordinary people and, most importantly, celebrities from the world of films and music. Obtaining these dolls is every modern day paper doll collector’s dream. If you thought only kids collect paper dolls, think again! Adults collect paper dolls just as they do coins and stamps. Paper dolls represent fashion, celebrities, inanimate objects, and animals and are great fun to collect. They are also inexpensive. Adults who collect paper dolls say it reminds them of their childhood days. You can collect on the basis of a particular subject, for example, movie stars.

Barbie and Skipper 1964 Whitman Paper Dolls

Barbie and Skipper 1964 Whitman Paper Dolls

As paper dolls grew in popularity, they came to be sold in books. Many companies specialized in the making of these dolls. People who bought the books had to cut out the dolls, cloths, and accessories. Today, among paper dolls collectors, old books containing dolls and their clothes are a rage. They often fetch higher prices than dolls that have been cut.

If you wish to start a paper doll collection, buy from local artists and conventions. You can get in touch with other collectors via the Internet or placing ads in newspapers. Lots of greeting cards contain paper dolls. Keep a look out for them.

Paper dolls are a great way to maintain peace at home and encourage creativity when your kids have a school vacation! These days lots of paper doll templates can be downloaded from the Net. Encourage your kids to dress up dolls with crayons, bits of colored paper, and fabric. You can also ask them to make paper dolls resembling themselves! Let collecting paper dolls become a family affair!

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